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Feather in the Storm by Irisa007 Feather in the Storm :iconirisa007:Irisa007 7 3 Teo In Super Mario Land by Irisa007 Teo In Super Mario Land :iconirisa007:Irisa007 13 7 Bunny Plays With Boy by Irisa007 Bunny Plays With Boy :iconirisa007:Irisa007 5 2
Amix Club 1st Event Progressive Log: Cloud Tower
The cloaked witch students gathered in the Terrace which slowly started to fill up.
Armonia just stood in place, looking around the Terrace. She heard the many conversations among the crowd of cloaked witches. Armonia had never really been an outgoing person.... So, she had no one to talk to. “I kind of wish that I had someone to talk to....” Armonia said in a thought as she looked on towards the archways, opposite to the steps to the Terrace. 
Amisi stood on the other side of the Terrace, taking in a deep breath. “The magic here.... It’s so soothing....” Amisi let out as her eyes scan the crowd of clocked witches.
Suddenly, on the wide and dark lithe Terrace, the winds built up, muffling the sounds of parallel conversations among the crowd of cloaked witches into silence. From the archways opposite the steps to the Terrace, a cloud of smoke enveloped the edge, forcing the witches back and out of the smoke came several uncloaked figur
:iconirisa007:Irisa007 3 0
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Final Fantasy VIII OC: Revir
 Full Name: Revir Dey
 - Revir: From English, river spelled backwards.
 - Dey: English variant of Day
 - Rev: Used by her friends
 - Big-Bang: Used by Galbadia Garden students and personnel
 Heritage: Dollet, Dollet Dukedom
 Species: Human

 18 (at the start of FFVIII events)
 Date of birth: April 10th 
 Star sign: Aries
 Gender: Female
 Sexuality: Straight
 Relationship status: Single
 162 cm
 Weight: 53 kg
 Eye colour: Green
 Hair colour: Copper Red
 Blood Type: B+
 Tattoos: None, but she has several scars mostly on her hands and back
 Piercings: Triple pierced ears
 Physical A
:iconirisa007:Irisa007 1 2
FFVIII - Revir Dey by Irisa007 FFVIII - Revir Dey :iconirisa007:Irisa007 4 3 Miss Magix 2017 - The Fool by Irisa007 Miss Magix 2017 - The Fool :iconirisa007:Irisa007 14 12 Miss Villain 2016 3rd Round: Sabina The Dark Queen by Irisa007 Miss Villain 2016 3rd Round: Sabina The Dark Queen :iconirisa007:Irisa007 6 3 Comfort in Darkness... by Irisa007 Comfort in Darkness... :iconirisa007:Irisa007 5 5 The Flame that Burns the Darkest... by Irisa007 The Flame that Burns the Darkest... :iconirisa007:Irisa007 10 5 Miss Villain 2016 2nd Round: Zombie Sabs by Irisa007 Miss Villain 2016 2nd Round: Zombie Sabs :iconirisa007:Irisa007 5 10 Pride in Victory by Irisa007 Pride in Victory :iconirisa007:Irisa007 5 6
Breakout RP Character: Sebastian Walker
Name: Sebastian Charleston Walker
        Sebastian: From the Latin name Sebastianus which meant "from Sebaste". Sebaste was the name a town in Asia Minor, its name deriving from Greek (sebastos) "venerable". 
        Charleston: Means "son of Charles."
        Walker: Occupational surname for a person who walked on damp raw cloth in order to thicken it. It is derived from Middle English walkere, Old English wealcan.
        Sebs: Used exclusively by Ava
        Bas: Used by his best friend Ruby
Age: 15
Date of Birth: October 24th, 1982
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Star Sign: Scorpion
Height: (151cm)
Weight: (68kg)
:iconirisa007:Irisa007 2 8

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I'm just a girl who loves to draw and hopes others like her stuff ^_^

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We Are The Champions

Journal Entry: Sat May 13, 2017, 5:08 PM



Journal Skin by: Zaellrin

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We Are The Champions

Journal Entry: Sat May 13, 2017, 5:08 PM



Journal Skin by: Zaellrin
You read it right. I am taking an undetermined leave from Winx Club and all related to it. 

Work has been all too consuming for me, with the long hours and increase in responsibilities, and coming home... Winx just isn't doing it for me anymore in regards of relaxation and enjoyment...

I'm afraid this means that I will be stepping out of any contests I am currently involved in or might think of joining next. It also means that any Winx Group and their activities, in which I had been running or involved in will also be put on hold. This speaks specifically true for the :iconamix-club:, for which I must apologize to its members but I just can't continue with it the way I want to and the way it deserves...

I just lost my inspiration for Winx and trying to force myself to do something for it has only put me off it the more...

I apologize to any and everyone with whom I had projects with or was working on Winx related stuff... I hope that Winx will peak my interest again, though I honestly can't say when or if that will happen...
Feather in the Storm
"I'm a feather in the Storm, watch how I soar..."

And here is (finally) my entry for the :iconwinxclub-missmagix: 2017, 3rd round. For this third round, we were supposed to draw our contestant's dream... The image I came up with requires a bit of context, so let's get started ^^

Teodora hails from the (non canon) world of Arashi, the realm of Eternal Storms. Teo grew up, as her mother Nerezza did before her, on stories of Arashi's ancient times, and by far her favorite ones were about the majestic Storm Birds, hawk-like giant birds able to control the Eternal Storms. Ever since she was a little child, Teo loved the stories of the Storm Birds and dreamed of one day seeing and even riding one. One day she asked her mother where the Storm Birds were since she always strained her eyes to try to see them in the storms but she never caught a glimpse of them. Nerezza had to tell her daughter that the Storm Birds had disappeared almost a thousand years before and no one knew what happened to them or why they had gone. With nothing to tame the storms, the people of Arashi developed storm related powers (power of lightning, wind, rain, clouds and even storms) and with the aid of the Storm Stones, round bluish or grey stones with yellow freckles, they were able to manage the Eternal Storms and keep them away from their settlements.

Teo was devastated... for about five minutes till she decided to make it her life long mission to find out what happened to the Storm Birds of olden times. From that moment on, whenever her cousin Sabina and their best friend DeShaun, came to visit, she would set them on a discovery adventure in search of the Storm Birds, even as they rarely made it farther than the woods surrounding her house.

Teodora's childhood dream was to find the Storm Birds. Now, it wasn't just so she could ride one through the Eternal Storms,... though of course she wanted that... But, she wanted to return the entire species to the Arashi Skies and if maybe, just maybe, they would let her and her friends ride on their backs... well, she wouldn't say no.... XD

Now I know this entry may stray slightly from the norm (what's so good about the norm anyways?!), since it's a Childhood Dream and all, but... here's the thing about childhood dreams: One may grow out of them, but they will always occupy a special corner of our hearts, bringing a smile on our faces when we happen to think about them or brighten up our days if we happened to dream upon it one night. Now, I don't know if Teodora will ever realise her Childhood Dream........... but that's not really the point of Childhood Dreams, is it...?

All art above belongs to me
Teo In Super Mario Land
And here it is, My entry for the :iconwinxclub-missmagix: Round 2: Alternative Universe.

Universe Description
SUPER MARIO is the golden child of Nintendo Video Games. One of the first video games to be released by the company(and ever), Super Mario follows the adventures of Mario (and his brother Luigi), a plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, who endeavors through the several worlds of his realm seeking to rescue Princess Peach (the one in pink) who has been kidnapped by a turtle/dragon hybrid named Bowser. From the very first game, Mario faces many dangers and challenges till he reaches the castles at the end of each world, defeats Bowser or one of his minions in search of the princess, BUT, what he usually finds is a Toad, a Mushroom Kingdom inhabitant (basically a small humanoid with a mushroom head), who tells him "Thanks Mario, but our princess is in another castle"... Mario finds this message many times till he finally reaches Bowser's castle and rescues the real princess.

In the games, Mario usually has 1 hit point but he can get extra hit points by "catching/eating" orange/red mushrooms (2 HP) and Fire Flowers (3 HP) which also allows him to shoot fireballs to kill his enemies (Bowser's minions). In later games, there are other upgrades in addition to the Fire Flower but this is still the more iconic of them all.

Why choose Super Mario
I wish I had a better reason as to why I chose to insert Teodora into the world of Super Mario... but the truth is there isn't one... The "why" I took so long to finish (*cough cough-start-cough cough*) this piece was because I had NO idea where Teo could fit in other than in the Winx Club universe. Most of my Winx OCs were created for the sole purpose of the Winx Club universe and, as the last Fairy OC I have added to my insanely long list of Winx Ocs, Teodora is still quite underdeveloped and I'm basically making it up as I go along...

Super Mario is part of my childhood, I grew up playing their games, so when I had to choose a game without any real direction in relation to the character itself, it was either Super Mario or one of the Final Fantasy franchise games. But then, I got this mental image and, well... the choice was made ^^

Teo In Super Mario Land Story:
Teodora is the Fairy of Conductivity. Quite basically, Teo is able to channel other people's magical powers and use them. In her more basic form, she is only able to use a power if in close proximity to the owner of said power. The more familiar she is with the person and/or the type of power, the easier it is to control it and the better she is at it. Teo can "conduct" powers not only from fellow Fairies, but from Witches, Wizards and Warlocks as well...

... So when a Witch with the power over Portals & Teleportation comes to the Fairy Academy, Alfea, Teodora unwillingly starts channeling her power and accidentally transports herself to another realm...

When Teodora comes to, she is in a bright, colorful and unfamiliar place. She knows not of any place in the Magic Dimension that looks like what she is seeing. As she is wandering, trying to find something or someone that will give her an idea of where she is, and how she can go back home, she comes across a couple of people: a tall, blond young woman in a pink dress with a small crown on her head; and a shorter man with a big mustache, wearing a blue jumpsuit with a red shirt underneath and a red hat. Teodora becomes excited to have finally found someone who might be able to help her, but as she moves to get to them she notices they are being chased by odd little brown creatures and what looks like turtles with red or green shells, walking on two legs and in boots... and they are about to become surrounded by said creatures.

Now Teodora isn't exactly the type of person who goes looking for trouble, however she does seem to find herself in the vicinity of troublesome situations quite often. Unable to sit idly by when someone, even one she has never met before, is in trouble, Teo rushes over to try and help. As she is running towards them, she sees the man grab a strange yellow and red flower out of apparently nowhere. The flower disappears as soon as it appeared and suddenly the man's clothes change colors: His jumpsuit is now red and the undershirt and hat become white. Teo doesn't know what is going on and is even more surprised when the man can suddenly shoot fireballs from his hands.

Now that's handy... Teo thinks as she comes across one of those flowers and, while still running, she plucks it up and joins them. 

The woman, a princess judging from the small crown, notices her first and is initially in alarm. She quickly seems to realise Teo is not a threat as she joins them and stands back to back with the man, holding the fire flower up and protecting the princess.

Classic Teo of not thinking before acting, she holds up the fire flower with NO idea of what to do with it...

"How does this blasted thing work?!?" She asks aloud to no one in particular as the brown creatures are almost upon them...

............ To be Continued............


About the art
I had a ridiculous amount of fun drawing this (and a not so fun, longer amount of time painting it...). This is actually the first time that I have drawn Mario even though I have played his games for well over 20 years. Princess Peach, though also a first time drawing, turned out surprisingly good and I actually love how her hair turned out. The creatures/monsters belong to the world of Super Mario and were very fun to draw too ^^. The background was inspired in several game scenarios though not a one in particular. I tried to take several elements and make something that would be obvious it belonged to Super Mario to those who know or have glanced at the game before. Bright colors are fun ;P

Teodora's outfit was partially inspired by Princess Peach's dress (and Daisy's, another princess in the lore) so as to make her look as she belongs to the Super Mario Universe. As far as I am aware, every human female in the Super Mario universe is a princess... Teodora ain't no princess, so I took some liberties with her outfit :D And I think she looks cute! 

I do not own Winx Club or Super Mario
All of Teodora and the art above were made by and belong to me
Bunny Plays With Boy

Ok, new randomness :D Thank you for the challenge, :iconladdy-of-fire:. Sorry it took me so long, but wasn't home yesterday so didn't have my tablet...

Anyways, new challenge placed on Randomness Challenge, LaddyOfFire set the random: A bunny plays with a boy. I'll admit, the first image I got was a bunny playing tag with a child, but then I thought... way to stereotype bunnies! Bunnies are smart! And though, sure they are more likely to chew on a wooden (or plastic) chess figure rather than play the game. but the hell with it! I'm making a bunny not only playing chess... but winning ;P

Hope you like it, honey ^^ I sure had fun ;P Thank you again for the challenge ^^ (keep'em coming :D )

For the members of the AMIX CLUB (or anyone who bothered to read the 1st event), HOW do you rate your, and the general development of the 1st Event: 

3 deviants said It was fun and entertaining. Looking forward for more.
1 deviant said I LOVED IT!!! Can't wait for more, please do more SOOOOOON!!!
1 deviant said It was alright.
No deviants said It was OK, I guess...
No deviants said It could have been better.
No deviants said It was boring...
No deviants said Meh...
No deviants said <- Feel free to add a personal comment below... after you vote ^_^


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ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Everybody is nervous about the lack of activity in Amix-Club, but I know you're trying to get time to work on it. Nice Tarot set, btw.
Irisa007 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I know... sorry about that.... I just haven't been feeling winx-y lately... :( I will try and get something done this month...
ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Feeling Winx-y... yeah, that sounds about right. Maybe getting to see World of Winx may help you? I heard it's actually very good.
Laddy-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Irisa007 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
lol ^^ I had already checked it out. I was gonna comment when I have the time to make a sketch, didn't want to say anything before I was inspired by something... that and the last and first days of the year were havoc at work and I was just so tired to think of anything... now I am on vacations and I will see if something comes to me :D
Laddy-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
When you'll have time. The deadline is next year.
ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
POKE! How are you doing? We're all wondering how's the club holding up.
Irisa007 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah... sorry about that... I already posted a journal in the group somewhat explaining what happened... 

The gist of it is as simple as a deep and lengthty inspiration deficit... No one's more sorry and sad by it than me...
ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Got it.
XxAmaranth88xX Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday dear :glomp::tighthug: I hope you have a wonderful day :tighthug: :cake::party:
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